22nd Forest Olympics

22. Forest Olympics. Fascinating day in the mountain forest. Suitable for children 7 years and older. Parents and adults are also cordially invited. Registration: Tel. 081 861 88 30, info@samnaun.ch.


06.07.2021 von 08:45 bis 15:00 Uhr
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The Samnaun Forestry Office, together with the guest information Samnaun and Pro Junior Engiadina Bassa (formerly Pro Juventute), organizes a fascinating day in nature. The participants immerse themselves in the versatile world of the mountain forest, experience it according to the principle of "head, heart and hand" and play for the group victory. Suitable for children 7 years and older. Parents and adults are also cordially invited. Meeting point and program • 8.45 a.m., Guest Information Samnaun Village • Inner forest: group classification, forest walk, Werner Fischer with Uhu Bubo, disc golf, disciplines at Zurich vitaparcours, target throwing with cones or stones, running barefoot, estimating games, determining tree age, getting to know plants, question and answer game on the topic of forests, design task • Sports field Clis da Ravaisch / adventure playground "Piz for Kidz": lunch from the grill, parcours (stafette), bottles fishing, ball games, nail, knowledge quiz • Closing time: approx. 2.50 p.m. (Clis da Ravaisch sports field) Registration (for participants and for accompanying persons) Until Thursday, July 1, 2021, 5 p.m., at the guest information Samnaun: Tel. +41 81 861 88 30, info@samnaun.ch. Participation is free of charge. Lunch and drinks are offered. In case of heavy rains, the event will not take place; we will inform you of any cancellation by phone the night before between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. equipment Slip and waterproof shoes and rain protection


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