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Disc golf is a game with Frisbee. The aim of Discgolf is to hit the target basket with as few frisbee throws from the tee as possible. The discgolf facility in Samnaun village consists of 18 baskets. The player with the fewest throw’s wins. The discgolf course is on the grounds of the Vitaparcours in Samnaun village. The course is freely accessible, the terrain with trees is attractive for the game.

The course designers from Andersgolfen have designed the course; the holes are between 31 and 77 metres long and suitable for beginners and experienced players alike.

A round of disc golf lasts about 90 minutes, depending on the number of players. The course can be shortened, in the short round with 12 holes, holes 1 to 6 and 13 to 18 are played.

Frisbees can be hired from the guest information desk, sports shops, and finish-basket sponsors. The price is CHF 10.

The basic rules

1. consideration for walkers, fellow players, animals, plants, trees and all other facilities

2. every player must make sure (!) that nothing and nobody crosses his path when he wants to throw.

3. the start is from the throw-off. Play continues from where that throw landed. Continue like this until you reach the basket

4. the player who has used the least number of throws on the previous lane is always the first to start the game.

5. the player who is furthest away from the target continues the game after the throw-off. Even if he needs a few more throws than the other players.

6. after hitting the basket, the number of throws is noted and the next lane is played. The player who needed the fewest throws after all lanes have been completed is the winner.

Use at your own risk, good shoes recommended.

Anders Golfen
Anders Golfen
The course designers of Anders Golfen have planned the Discgolf course in Samnaun.
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