Theme trails

Discover Samnaun in a different way. Learn more about flora and fauna in Samnaun, be inspired by the quotation or aphorism path or learn about the history of Murmina and Murmin.

Zurich Vitaparcours
Sports enthusiasts complete fifteen stations with a total of 43 exercises on a 2.3 km route through the forest. There, mobility exercises alternate with strength and endurance exercises.
To the Parcour
Wandern auf dem Pflanzenpfad
Citation and Aphorism path
Quotations and aphorisms have been translated into the dialect. The approximately 30 panels show expressions which are still used today by many Samnauner.
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Informationstafel auf dem Pflanzenpfad
Plant path
In the Samnaun valley there are over 900 different plant species. On the plant path you get to know more than 63 flowers and plants.
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Game and animal trail

To the path

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