Event Samnaun

Swiss Chess Individual Championships

Swiss Chess Individual Championships. For the third time we welcome the Swiss individual chess championship in Samnaun. Info: Guest Info, Tel. 081 861 88 30.

Schoolhouse Samnaun

Schulstrasse 12, 7562 Samnaun-Compatsch


04.07.2022 bis 10.07.2022
Ort Schoolhouse Samnaun

For the third time we welcome the Swiss individual chess championship in Samnaun. After these were already held in 2004 and 2008, Samnaun welcomes the Swiss chess players again 14 years later.

The Swiss Chess Federation (SSB) emerged in 1995 from the merger of the Swiss Chess Federation (SSV, founded in 1889) and the Swiss Workers' Chess Federation (SASB, founded in 1923). It unites 225 Swiss chess clubs and 5591 members and offers a wide range of services for chess players in Switzerland.

The SSB is a member of the European Chess Union (ECU) and a founding member of the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE), founded in 1924, the second largest sports federation in the world. The SSB has been a member of Swiss Olympic since 2000.

Chess is promoted and especially the promotion of juniors is the focus. In addition to the social aspects, it is important that talented juniors are promoted in a performance-oriented manner, so that the best possible basis for a problem-free integration into the national squads is guaranteed later on.

The chess individual championship takes place for the third time in Samnaun. Four tournaments are held during the week. A nine-round national tournament as well as two seven-round main tournaments and a seven-round senior tournament. The tournaments take place in Samnaun-Compatsch in the schoolhouse.


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