Theater Samnaun: "Die Stepphühner"

Theater Samnaun: "Die Stepphühner". The performances of the amateur playgroup inspire every year anew. CHF 12.00-14.00, children CHF 7.00. Info & advance booking: Gäste-Info Samnaun, Tel. 081 861 88 30.


20.01.2022 bis 07.04.2022 von 20:30 bis 22:30 Uhr
am Donnerstag
Preis Adults CHF 12.00–14.00, Children CHF 7.00

The performances of the amateur playgroup inspire every year anew. Also in the winter season 2021/22 a new performance is in the program: "Die Stepphühner" a comedy in three acts by Bernd Spehling.

For Dorle, Leocadia and Wiebke, every odd Tuesday is blocked. A date that cannot be postponed!

On these days, the single ladies meet to indulge in the passion that gives them more than any husband - tap dancing!
But even the most delicate dancers need their recovery phases from time to time. After all, the two-time widow Leocadia has not really coped with the idiosyncratic resignation of her deceased and Dorle, who is marked by monotonous everyday life, has never been allowed to experience anything beyond her own front door. The convinced feminist Wiebke quickly organizes a lake holiday in the guesthouse "Seeblick mit Finesse", led by the enterprising Agnes. Agnes Sister Gila, on the other hand, has so far failed to achieve success with her online dating agency "Sweet Honeymoon". This is probably more due to the fact that those who are looking for a quick way to a suitable partner in a relaxed holiday atmosphere at low flat rates in Gila's business model - to put it mildly - have to cut corners. Thankfully, however, Gila is allowed to use the bar of her sister's pension, which is open to everyone. So here with the stepped chickens now comes together what definitely does not belong together.

So it should be revealed that the lake view would probably have been enough, because for the stepped chickens not only the "finesse", but also the difficult to mediat "clientele looking for a partner" becomes a real baptism of fire :-)


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