813 Nationalpark Trail

4.9 km
2:30 h
185 Hm
227 Hm
Technik 2/6
Kondition 1/6
Höchster Punkt  2034 m
Tiefster Punkt  1807 m
Beste Jahreszeit
46.679649, 10.166967



Discover what you don't see otherwise: On the Champlönch children's trail, a digital hiking guide points the way through the park. The cuckoo calls at exactly the right moment: shortly after you have made your way from car park 1 towards Hotel Il Fuorn. On the GPS device "Webpark", which can be borrowed from the National Park Centre in Zernez for 19 francs, the first of ten virtual companions appears and tells a story that fits exactly to the place where you are currently located.

First of all, it is the park ranger Marchet, who happily reports on his varied work. In this way, it achieves exactly what the children's path managers dreamed of: the children's curiosity is aroused, and the national park becomes an "emotional park". The little ones listen intently and leaf through the booklet, which contains a CD with all the texts (for listening at home), which is also part of the package. What a pleasure – for the parents. Because the digital travel guide makes the hike on the new children's path nagging and stress-free right from the start. What's more, the little ones can't wait for the cuckoo to announce the next virtual guest: Marmotin, the marmot, for example, Tumasch, the red deer, or Tina, the chamois.

The easy and fantastically beautiful hike leads over "the long field" (Champlönch) to Alp Grimmels, zigzagging down to Ova da Val Ftur and comfortably along the slopes of Piz dal Fuorn. Without complaining and grumbling, because the children only want one thing: the next story, the next experience. And at the end, of course, the ice cream in the romantic Hotel Il Fuorn, which used to be a popular stopover for travelers, mules and smugglers and today serves as a "base camp" for national park visitors. It is still the only hotel in the 100-year-old park.


Zernez (Champlönch) - Grimmels - Plan de la Posa - Zernez (Il Fuorn)


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

journey: Take the Rhaetian Railway to Zernez and from there take the PostBus to Champlönch.

Departure: By post bus from Il Fuorn to Zernez and from there by Rhaetian Railway. Roadmap

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