Tschierv - Lü - Lüsai - Fuldera

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The way from Tschierv to Lü is generally unknown to tourists, but local people enjoy travelling this route. Even in winter the path often has a well-worn look. The name Tschierv means deer. In earlier times the local people earned a livelihood from mining and pack-horse trains. In the days of the stage coach, Tschierv was a place where horses could be changed. Today it is quiet – apart from traffic – here in this village that now has settled down to mountain agriculture.

From Plaz we hike through meadows across to the last houses of Chasüras. Then we turn right, eastwards, into the little valley of Aua da Laier. In the wood, the path crosses a stream and branches off in a turn to Lü Daint – if we do not choose to hike directly up to Lü. Both possibilities have something to recommend them. The direct way passes through undulating pasture land. From Lü Daint, however, we make our way through the entire length of the charming village of Lü. This is the highest-altitude independent municipality in the country. In earlier days, it was a station for pack-horse trains on the way to S-charl and Scuol. We enjoy the panoramic view of the Alpine landscape: in the foreground we see Piz Daint, Piz Dora, Chazforà and Turettas, and in the distance the wide territory of the Ortler.

As we continue our hike, we do well to keep to the road, except for one very apparent short cut. There is not much traffic here. In Lüsai we can take a look at an unusual sgraffito house. It's impossible to miss. The whole façade is decorated with the same type of ornament. Only in one place does the motif change its direction. Below the village, we turn off to the right in a steep curve. A narrow hiking trail brings us to the River Rombach, which we cross (as we do the pass road a little further on), before we find ourselves in the pretty village of Fuldera. The village gets its name from the word fundaria, meaning snow-melt. We can admire the prettily painted façades and the Engadin type houses with Tyrolean variations.


Tschierv - Lü - Lüsai - Fuldera


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

Getting there: By rail to Zernez. From there by Post-Bus tu Tschierv.

Getting back: By Post-Bus from Fuldera to Zernez. By rail from Zernez to Chur.

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