Deepest winter within walking distance

Winter hiking

Winterwandern in Samnaun
The tranquility overwhelms - we are on the road for just 5 minutes and discover the contrast to the pulsating ski area and the busy shopping streets. Our eyes sharpen for small details as well as for the panorama. The five-month-long winter in duty-free Samnaun lives from this coexistence of nature and civilization, of lifestyle and tranquility. The winter hiking trails also reflect this contrast: here the fairytale winter on the theme trail and the valley hike along the icy Schergenbach. There the sun-drenched high trail between Alp Trida and Alp Bella. And thanks to the mountain railroad and the ski bus, all trails can be reached within a very short time - deepest winter within walking distance.


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Magnificent views

The five most beautiful winter hikes

Hike the Samnaun Valley in winter on five wonderful winter hikes.

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Equipment for winter hiking

The right equipment for winter hiking is important. Here you will find a packing list with the most important clothes and materials so that you can prepare yourself in the best possible way for winter hiking in Samnaun. 


  • Backpack
  • Winter shoes
  • Hiking poles


  • Functional underwear
  • hiking socks
  • Ski pants
  • Softshell Jacket
  • Cap
  • Scarf
  • Gloves

For the road

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Winter in den Samnauner Bergen – Ferienregion Samnaun – Andrea Badrutt

Sustainable vacations in winter

While winter hiking, you can be completely climate-neutral and, above all, immerse yourself in the impressive natural world of Samnaun in peace and quiet.

Other sustainable winter activities