Gasoline and diesel

Refuel Cheaply in Samnaun

Günstig zollfrei tanken in Samnaun
Thanks to the duty-free status you can fill up cheaply with Super (unleaded 95) and Diesel in Samnaun, as the mineral oil taxes are omitted. In addition to the full tank, a reserve canister with 25 liters (Switzerland) or 10 liters (Austria) of fuel can be carried from Samnaun.

Current fuel price

Diesel from 1.46 from 1.474
Super (Bleifrei 95) from 1.48 from 1.510
Diesel V-Power 1.68 1.714
V-Power 100 1.64 1.673
Status: 16 May 2024 prices (indicative) are subject to change without notice.
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Denoth Handels AG

Shell Denoth Handels AG

Talstrasse 22, 7562 Samnaun-Laret
Tel. +41-81-860 21 35

To the gas station
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Clis Center Tankstelle und Shop

Shell and Alpha Petrol Clis Zollfrei-Center

Talstrasse 80, 7563 Samnaun-Ravaisch
Tel. +41-81-861 81 00

To the gas station
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Migrol Tankstelle Samnaun

Migrol and Socar Eurocenter

Talstrasse 88, 7563 Samnaun-Ravaisch
Tel. +41-81-868 58 81

To the gas station
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Alpina Tankstelle

Alpina gas station

Dorfstrasse 42, 7563 Samnaun Dorf
Tel. +41-81-868 51 22

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Opening hours gas stations

Monday - Sunday
7.00 am - 7.00 pm/8.00 pm

On holidays, the gas stations are also open. Most gas stations have a night machine where you can refuel with credit card or cash at any time.