An alpine experience

Hiking vacations in Samnaun in Engadin

Wandern Samnaun
As soon as we set off, the peaks seem close enough to touch: we are right in the middle of it, alpine landscape as far as the eye can see. On 250 km of well-signposted hiking trails we collect distant views over the valleys and peaks in Samnaun and the Silvretta, as well as insights into the strikingly rich flora with over 900 plant species.
This screams for more: We meet our friends in the panorama restaurant and spontaneously decide to extend our vacation. Then we take the gondola lift back to duty-free Samnaun. It's free thanks to the guest card, just like the SamnaunBus, the guest program and admission to the Alpenquell Spa - ideal for relaxing our tired legs today and planning the next day in the mountains.
Wanderung in der Silvretta Arena, Samnaun, Schweiz.

Good preparation is half the hiking experience.

Useful information

The better you prepare your tour, the more fun the hiking experience will be. Good preparation includes choosing a tour that suits your physical condition, detailed tour planning, and the right equipment including sufficient provisions.

Doppelstockbahn in Samnaun
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Hikes for connoisseurs.

The most beautiful viewpoints in Samnaun

Enjoy magnificent views, deep insights and lots of idyll during your hiking vacation. In Samnaun you will find wonderful panoramic hikes.
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Alles inklusive im Samnauner Bergsommer.
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For a relaxing vacation.

All-inclusive Guest Card

Benefit already from the first overnight stay from numerous inclusive services such as the use of the Samnaun mountain railroads - for a comfortable start to your hiking day.

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Wanderung Samnaun mit Blick in Richtung Alp Trida Sattel.

Interactive map.

Plan your hike in Samnaun

With the useful map portals of Outdooractive and map.geo.admin you can get the best information about hikes in the Samnaun Valley.

Experience the special flora while hiking.

900 different plant species in the Samnaun valley

Spring in Samnaun, Switzerland, announces itself at the beginning of May with a white and purple carpet of blossoms: Then the crocuses sprout in the Samnaun valley, transforming the meadows into a veritable sea of blossoms. Shortly thereafter, everything turns green within a very short time. Lush mountain meadows delight not only the local farmers but also the hikers. Samnaun is known for its rich variety of plants with about 900 different plant species between 1400 and 3300 m above sea level - some plants, such as the heal bell, even grow exclusively in Samnaun in Switzerland. Edelweiss can also be found here in great numbers.

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Guided hike

Discover the most beautiful places in the Samnaun valley on the guided hikes with local Martin Valsecchi. Participation is free with the Samnaun, Lower Engadine and Val Müstair guest card.

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Pflanzenpfad in Samnaun

Explore and enjoy the blooming mountain world. The plant path

Samnaun is home to a wide variety of plant species. The theme trail to the magnificent viewpoint Chè d'Mot introduces some of these plants. Embark on a journey of discovery.

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Hikes by theme

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Samnaun Doppelstockbahn Aussicht Alp Trider Sattel
Hikes from the mountain station

The first meters in altitude are the most difficult - or the easiest. Start your hiking day comfortably with the gondola lift from Samnaun Ravaisch to Alp Trider Sattel.

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Theme trails

On the theme trails for big and small explorers as well as the whole family you will learn interesting facts about the Samnaun valley in a playful way. Did you know that there are over 900 plant species in Samnaun?

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Valley hike

Enjoy the Samnaun valley on an easy hike along the southern sunny slope and along the rushing Schergenbach stream.

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See more thanks to hiking guides. Hiking guide in Samnaun

Hiking guides impart their knowledge of the mountains and the flora and fauna rich in species in the Samnaun valley on guided hikes

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Stammerspitz Samnaun

Hiking Pass / Piz Stürmer Challenge

Diligent hikers are rewarded in the vacation region Samnaun!

To the hiking pass
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Heidelberger Hütte

Alps and huts around Samnaun

Mountain huts are the ideal starting point for hiking, mountain tours and summit ascents. In addition to the various mountain huts, our managed alps also invite you to take a leisurely break.

More about the Alps and huts
Muttler vom Rossbodenjoch
Sonnenaufgang Piz Munschuns
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The best hikes

The King's Tour.

The majesty of Muttler

Plan an ambitious high-altitude hike on the Muttler, the highest mountain in Samnaun (3,294 m a.s.l.). Good trail and weather conditions are important prerequisites for this Alpine mountain route.
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Wonderful panorama.

Hike to the Munt da Chierns

After 1000 meters of ascent on the Munt da Chierns you will be rewarded with an attractive panoramic view. Refreshment stop on the Alp Bella.
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For romantics.

Sunrise on the Piz Munschuns

With a great view of the Samnaun valley and the skiing area. The steep descent leads past flowering alpine meadows and the Alpstein.
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The high trail.

Fuorcla Curschiglias via the Schäfersteig

The high-level path south of the Samnaun valley offers unique views and far-reaching views. The path is wonderfully embedded in high alpine meadows and forests.
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Fairtrail - nice and clean

Sometimes you'd rather be alone on the trail, but you're not. Therefore, mutual acceptance and consideration is required. Also think of nature and stay on the marked trails.

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