Free Parking

Gratis Parken in Samnaun
In Samnaun all parking spaces are available to you free of charge. Simply leave your car in a car park and enjoy the duty-free shopping or a trip to the surrounding mountains.


All customer car parks of the duty-free shops, restaurants and other businesses in Samnaun are of course free of charge! The following public parking spaces are also available free of charge:

Parking lots in Samnaun Dorf

Parking lot Riva
57 parking areas Village entrance, DorfstrasseLocationParking lot Musella
170 parking areas At the Schergenbach, MusellastrasseLocationParking lot Votlas
103 parking areas Val Maisas, VotlasstrasseLocation

Parking lots in Samnaun-Ravaisch

Parking lot Mountain railways
250 parking areas Bottom station cable car, BergbahnstrasseLocation


Parking lots in Samnaun-Laret

Parking lot Laret-West Laretstrasse / LärchenwegLocationParking lot Laret TalstrasseLocationParking lot Sennerei Village entrance Samnaun-LaretLocation


Parking lots in Samnaun-Compatsch

Parking lot at the Schulhaus Schulstrasse / AlpenquellwegLocation


Parking lots in Samnaun-Plan

Parking lot at the Talmuseum Talstrasse / Village entrance Samnaun-PlanLocation



Parkplätze in Samnaun Dorf

Parkplatz Riva
57 Parkflächen
Ortseinfahrt, Dorfstrasse
Anfahrt / Lage 

Parkplatz Musella
170 Parkflächen
Am Schergenbach, Musellastrasse
Anfahrt / Lage

Parkplatz Votlas
103 Parkflächen
Val Maisas, Votlasstrasse
Anfahrt / Lage 

Parkplätze in Samnaun-Ravaisch

Parkplatz Bergbahnen
250 Parkflächen
Talstation Gondelbahn, Bergbahnstrasse 
Anfahrt / Lage

Parkplätze in Samnaun-Laret

Parkplatz Laret-West
Laretstrasse / Lärchenweg
Anfahrt / Lage

Parkplatz Laret 
Anfahrt / Lage 

Parkplatz Sennerei 
Ortseinfahrt Samnaun-Laret 
Anfahrt / Lage 

Parkplatz in Samnaun-Compatsch

Parkplatz am Schulhaus
Schulstrasse / Alpenquellweg
Anfahrt / Lage 

Parkplatz in Samnaun-Plan

Parkplatz am Dorfeingang 
Talstrasse / Ortseinfahrt Samnaun-Plan 
Anfahrt / Lage