Zurich Vitaparcours in Samnaun Dorf

Today we do something for our health

Dehnen und Stretchen im Vitaparcours Samnaun
The courses get you moving at around 500 locations throughout Switzerland. In Samnaun, sports enthusiasts complete fifteen stations, each with a selection from a total of 43 exercises, on a 2.3 km long course through the forest. There, flexibility exercises alternate with strength and endurance exercises. All you need to complete the course are suitable running shoes and comfortable and functional clothing. The route is also suitable for walkers.
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Sport an der frischen Luft gibt einem Kraft

Zurich vitaparcours Do something for your fitness and health

2.3 km long running trail in the forest with fifteen stations, each with a selection of 43 exercises in the area of mobility, strength and endurance exercises.
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