Together on the trails


Over 500 kilometers of hiking and biking trails are waiting for you to discover in the Lower Engadine. With mutual acceptance and consideration, everyone can spend a beautiful and relaxing time in nature. In doing so, nature must not be forgotten and care must be taken. #fairtrailgraubuenden

Fairtrail at a glance

Nice and clean


In Graubünden, biking on hiking trails is permitted by law, as long as there is no official ban on biking. Thus, almost every hiking trail is also a biking trail.

The vast Lower Engadine offers enough space for hiking and biking. We ask you to respect each other and show consideration - grazcha fichun! So everyone can spend a relaxing and carefree time in our vacation region.


Leisure in harmony with nature

Respect nature

The national park region impresses with its intact nature. To preserve this beauty, we are all asked to take care and show consideration.

  • Use existing paths and routes and do not shorten them in order to protect the habitats of animals and plants.
  • Do not enter protected areas. Find out about the protected zones before your tour.
  • Keep the environment clean and take the waste back to the valley.
  • When barbecuing, use the designated fireplaces.

Thank you for respecting nature!

Fairtrail in Graubünden.
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Wandern in der wunderschönen und beeindruckenden Natur

Hiking in Samnaun

On 250 km of well-signposted hiking trails we collect distant views over the valleys and peaks in Samnaun.

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Mountainbiken in Samnaun

Mountainbiken in Samnaun

Discover the natural bike trails in the alpine mountain landscape of Samnaun.

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