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New Year's Eve fun with sledding

New Year's Eve fun with sledding. Experience the turn of the year in the deep snow-covered winter forest. Registration until 31.12. at 16:00, at the guest information Samnaun, Tel. 081 861 88 30.


31.12.2024 um 22:30 Uhr
free of charge, you have to bring your own sledges
Parking Votlas

Experience the turn of the year in a special way. First we walk (about 45 minutes) to our forest hut. A cauldron of hot mulled wine is waiting over the campfire. At midnight there will be fireworks. Afterwards we will go down to the valley with the sledges. Registration until 31.12.2022 at 16.00 at the guest information Samnaun. Maximum number of participants 100 persons.


Parking Votlas

7563 Samnaun Dorf

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