With each other

Trailrunning Charta

Wunderschöne Landschaft
In the mountains we meet other people who also want to enjoy nature and the landscape. With mutual respect we contribute to a togetherness on the trails.

For more fun while running

  • We trail runners are guests in nature and treat it with full respect
  • We leave absolutely no waste behind
  • We trail runners are considerate of other people on the trails and make room for each other
  • We trail runners greet other guests on the trails in a friendly manner
  • We trail runners also like to order local products in restaurants and leave our things in our backpacks there
  • We trail runners are responsible for ourselves and choose our tours according to our own conditions.
  • We trail runners stick to the given trails and do not cross mowing meadows or other private properties
  • We trail runners respect agriculture and keep our distance from herds of suckler cows.