High up – Ideal conditions for model aircraft

Hang sailing in Samnaun

Good thermal conditions and two take-off and landing sites offer excellent flying conditions for model and hill gliders.

Slope soaring area Chè d'Mot

The slope flying area is located in the meadow next to the Chè d'Mot, the wooded hill with the four cable car masts. The area is accessible on foot or by car.

The slope faces south. Thanks to a flat plateau overgrown with grass, Chè d'Mot offers ideal landing conditions, even for less experienced pilots. The best flying conditions are in the late morning. The airspace is large enough to allow several models to be flown simultaneously without danger.


Hight 2019 meters above sea level
Slope orientation south
Level of difficulty easy to middle
Landing options stone-free, almost flat meadow
Flying Season End of May to end of September
Suitable models up to 5 m span width
best flight times from late morning
Site regulations on request from Klaus Walser (Tel. +41 81 861 83 83)

accessible by car* or on foot


* A vignette obligation applies to the car journey to Chè d'Mot. This can be obtained from the municipality of Samnaun or in the guest information office for CHF 10 per day.

Slope soaring area Alp Trider Sattel

The flying area at Alp Trider Sattel is located at an altitude of 2500 m above sea level. It is right next to the mountain station of the double-decker cable car, next to the machine hall on the hiking trail towards Piz Munschuns. The slope can be used with north and south winds. The starting point remains the same for both wind directions. The landing field is laid out in a north-south direction, which allows landing against the wind. The terrain slopes moderately steeply to the north and south and is easily accessible.

Hight 2496 m ü. M.
Slope orientation South
Level of difficulty middle to difficult
Landing options green landing field with some stones, next to it wavy, stony meadow
Flying Season June to end of September (depending on snow conditions)
Suitable models up to 3 m span width
best flight times from late morning
Site regulations on request from Klaus Walser (Tel. +41 81 861 83 83)

with the double-decker cable car* to the Alp Trider Sattel


Further  On the south side of the machine hall, there is a store for ski slope accessories in the basement, which serves as a storage facility for models. On the outside of the hall there are sockets to which a charger can be connected.

* With the Samnaun guest card the journey with the double-decker cable car is free

Further information and contact

Klaus Walser
Dorfstrasse 47
7563 Samnaun Dorf
+41 81 861 83 83

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