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26 November 2021

ClauWau - World Championship of Father Christmases

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The «Best of ClauWau» took place as part of the Winter Opening 2021. The world champion of the Father Christmases was crowned for the last time.

On 26 November, the Winter Opening 2021 took place with the «Best of ClauWau», where the ClauWau teams of the past 20 years could once again demonstrate their skills in the best ClauWau disciplines. The Teleschmutzli's won the 20th ClauWau world championship title. 

The ClauWau was first held in November 2001 and since then has taken place annually at the start of the season in the Silvretta Ski Arena Samnaun/Ischgl, this year for the 20th and last time as the «Best of ClauWau»: The Father Christmases competed again in teams of four in the 5 best disciplines of the last 20 years.

The successor format of the ClauWau, the Smugglers' Trophy, started its first round on Saturday, 27 November. 

Impressions «Best of ClauWau»

The most popular disciplines in ClauWau history

Disciplines 2021

Santa's ClauWau
Santa's ClauWau

What would Father Christmas be without his hat? The teams slip under the XXL caps, because before things really get going, the Father Christmases first have to collect all the presents. But wouldn't this be too easy without a lot of effort?

Santa's kreative Reise
Santa's creative journey

Even Father Christmases have to be creative when travelling from time to time. This year, our teams are not only challenged artistically, but also have to prove their geographical knowledge.

Santa's Downhill
Santa's Downhill

To ensure timely delivery of the gifts, presents have to be transported quickly. But the teams have to cope with different transport equipment. And as if that wasn't hard enough, there are also one or two challenges with the package size.

Santa's Ralley
Santa's Rallye

With the large number of presents, fast transport is crucial. That's why the Father Christmases in Samnaun rely on sustainable transport with environmentally friendly e-snowmobiles.

Santa's Chimney Challenge
Santa's Chimney Challenge

Traditionally, the Father Christmases deliver the presents down the chimney. The Father Christmases have to show how skilful they are at this task with their coordination skills. That's why this discipline is also part of the "Best of ClauWau".

Santa Clauses are happy about the cheese fondue
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The History

Review and rankings of the last years

The World Championship of Santa Clauses has a long tradition in Samnaun. We look back.

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