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Martin Valsecchi

Martin Valsecchi.
Martin's work is as varied as the seasons in Samnaun. However, he is always at work for tourism - in summer and in winter. Two common threads run through his work and his hobbies: He is always on the move and out in nature. Martin takes us on a journey through the different seasons in Samnaun.
Im Winter als Leiter der Skischule und des Schneesportclubs.

In winter as head of the ski school

The winter in Samnaun lasts from the end of November until the beginning of May. During this period Martin leads the 1st Swiss Ski & Snowboard School Samnaun. He is responsible for the smooth running of the school, organizes the ski instructors and sometimes leads tours himself, as long as his tight schedule allows it. In addition, he invests a lot of time in the successful realization of numerous events. One of these events is the ski show at the Musellahang, which delights guests every Monday evening. The ski show was initiated by Martin Valsecchi years ago; at the center of the show are the spectacular formation rides of the Samnaun and guest ski schools, some of which travel from far away especially for the ski show.

Im April als Rennverantwortlicher der Events.

In April as a co-responsible of the events

April in Samnaun is often referred to as the event fireworks. For Martin, this month has been very demanding in recent years, as an event has taken place almost every weekend and he has often been jointly responsible for it. Starting this winter, Martin wants to cut back on events and spend more time with his family. However, he will continue as race director at the ClauWau and in the OC of the European Formation Championships, organizes the helpers in addition to the administrative tasks and is the contact person for all kinds of things during the event.

Martin Valsecchi

In summer as a hiking guide

As a native of Samnaun, Martin knows all the nooks and crannies of his region, which is why his further career path as a hiking guide was quickly decided. Martin is happy to have been born and raised in Samnaun, which gives him the necessary know-how to present his valley in the best possible way. Be it a challenging hike on the Muttler or a relaxed march to the Fuorcla Curschiglias, he can offer the right tour for every group.

Jäger Martin Valsecchi

In autumn as a hunter

Through his grandfather and father, Martin was born to hunt. If you want to meet Martin in autumn, you have to be very lucky, because most of the time the nature lover spends his time at the Grübelekopf, near the Alp Bella, because there is Martin's favorite hunting ground. He is also involved in the hunting club as an actuary and tries to support the club.

Martin Valsecchi

Behind the scenes of the Samnaun sports enthusiast

Martin was born in the Chasa Prinz in Samnaun-Laret. He spent his childhood in Samnaun-Compatsch, where he roamed the houses with his brother Geli. After graduating from school, the young gentleman completed a 4-year apprenticeship as an agricultural machinery mechanic in Sent. Martin liked this job very much, so that he immediately worked in this company for another 11 years. Parallel to his work, he pursued his hobby of skiing in the winter, where he earned some extra money as a ski instructor. As the passion for skiing was stronger than the joy of working as a machine mechanic, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession. Besides his professional happiness, he has also found happiness in his private life. For several years Martin has been in a relationship with Monika, with whom he has two sons, Lucas and Paul. His third and oldest son Marco from his first marriage works together with him in the 1st Swiss Ski & Snowboard School.  

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