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Open infrastructure Samnaun

Samnaun offene Infrastruktur-Sommer
When planning your tour, pay attention to the weather conditions and the weather forecast.
Samnaun Wandern

Useful information

Mutterkühe in Samnaun

Mother cows protect their calves - pay attention to the following rules of behaviour:

  • Keep your distance from the suckler cows and calves and stay calm
  • Do not touch calves under any circumstances
  • Keep dogs on a lead, release them in an emergency
  • Bikers and joggers: Stop and walk slowly past the herd

nice, clean and ready

The large network of trails in the canton of Graubünden is used for various sports. Mountain bikers are permitted on the hiking trails. Mutual consideration prevents conflicts and creates an unadulterated experience of nature for both sides. When passing hikers on a bike, a bell or voice should be used to announce this in good time. Bikers travelling downhill should give way to those travelling uphill. Do not leave the marked trails.

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