«My perfect home»

The full-blooded Samnaun-born Elvis Prinz

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Elvis Prinz, that's actually his name, is a native of Samnaun. As a department manager in a Samnaun sports shop, he reveals what to look out for when buying ski equipment and which piste you should definitely not miss. As a passionate skier, biker and photographer, Samnaun is the «perfect home» for him.
Elvis Prinz Sprung

«I have turned my hobby of skiing into my profession. Individual customer care is very important to me by passing on my personal, years of experience as well as tips and tricks to the customer.»

Elvis Prinz Skischuhe

«Focus on customer needs»

The guest should have a smile on their face when they come back to the shop from skiing in the evening. I manage the hardware department in the Samnaunia sports shop, which mainly involves boot fitting of ski boots. Bootfitting is the ski boot adjustment to the individual customer, foot analysis and the fine tuning between skis and ski boots. In between, I give lessons as a state-certified ski instructor.

Elvis Prinz Ausrüstung

A perfect day of skiing

Beautiful weather combined with hard, grippy snow are the basis for the perfect ski day for me. I like to go up in the first gondola and enjoy the perfectly groomed and almost deserted slopes. The morning atmosphere with a glint in the still cold air with the first rays of sunshine, is unique. Sun lovers don't miss out on the Swiss side of the ski area. Once I've had my fill here, it's on to Idalp and on to Ischgl, preferably without a stop. Around midday, the Skihaus with its sun terrace is one of my favourites for lunch, or the Paznauner Taja. In the afternoon I can often be found on the long and varied piste 33 from Palinkopf towards Gampenalp 38. It's a bit out of the way and not so busy. To finish off, I then ski down the dream run no. 60 to Samnaun-Laret and finish off the afternoon at the «Almrausch» après-ski restaurant. Then it's a round of «Hoam af di Couch» and in the evening the touring skis are mounted to get some fresh air again.

Elvis Prinz Skitour

Ski tours: the ultimate discipline for every skier

In Samnaun there is something for everyone, from short ascents with long descents to demanding alpine challenges. The Zander tour is a pleasure both in deep winter with the most beautiful powder and in spring well suited for firn skiing. The Flimschulter is always worth a short detour off the slopes. The Muttler is a great challenge, a good physical condition and good knowledge of the conditions off-piste are prerequisites for this tour.

Elvis Prinz Sonnenuntergang

Samnaun is the perfect home for me

Enjoying the ride over a bike trail in the evening after work, skiing right up to the front door or photographing the sunrise in the early morning characterises the quality of life in Samnaun. In summary: Samnaun is small and fine, beautifully embedded in nature, the interaction with each other is uncomplicated. A good mixture of tourism, agriculture and nature. The well-organised events and activities bring a welcome change and action.

Elvis Prinz Gämse

Another passion: photographing wildlife and landscapes

I prefer to photograph local wildlife, especially the golden eagle. In between, I like to photograph landscapes. People often ask me where I get my patience. I like to simply enjoy «being» in nature, to be able to switch off from everyday life. Food also tastes best in nature. You perceive your surroundings differently and more intensively and pay attention to little things that you wouldn't notice otherwise. Every photo is connected with an experience and a story.

Elvis Prinz

Tips for fine-tuning the material

  • When choosing skis and ski boots, your physique, height, weight and fitness should be taken into consideration.
  • Do not buy ski boots that are too big, as you will not have a proper hold in the boot and the power transmission to the ski will be lost.
  • Pressure points can be counteracted by vacuuming, padding or expanding the boot.
Elvis Prinz Skitour

Safety equipment tips


  • The ski bindings must be adapted to the rider's ability and weight so that the binding releases neither too early nor too late to avoid injury.
  • A helmet or back protector is an important point, not only in racing or in case of a fall, but also because of unpredictable collisions on the slopes.
  • Safety equipment is also paramount when ski touring. Everyone who goes off-piste should have avalanche equipment with them and know how to handle it.
  • The snow conditions, temperature and wind must also be taken into account on a tour.
  • Guests who are unsure of themselves do not necessarily have to miss out on the fun: They can book a ski instructor.


In keeping with the theme

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Bike tours in Samnaun
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Doppelstockbahn Samnaun
Ski Arena Samnaun/Ischgl
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Samnaun Ski Arena
Ski schools and rental
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Tips for hikes in Samnaun

The hike around the Stammerjoch with its magnificent view of the local mountains Piz Ot, Muttler and all the other imposing mountains is highly recommended. The Schäfersteig, on the other hand, fascinates with its wonderfully embedded high alpine meadows and forests. With a bit of luck, you can also observe chamois here.

Tips on Bike Trails in Samnaun

Up with the double-decker cable car and immediately over the first trail down to Alp Trida to get back to the Viderjoch with the N1 chairlift. From here over the border ridge to the Greitspitz and on to the Salaaser Kopf. Down the single trail to the Zeblas meadows, then enjoy the last steep descent to Samnaun village. To finish, the forest trail from the Vitaparcours to Samnaun-Laret is a good choice. The Chè d'Mot bike trail in Ravaisch is very suitable for a short round in the evening.

Text: Marion Prinz

Photos: Marion Prinz, Elvis Prinz