Aual Foppumvasch

Auals Foppumvasch

This very vivid section of an aual is located near the hiking trail Müstair - Cascada da Pisch - Guad - Müstair.

On the nearby circular hike Aual Claif, further auals - historic water channels - can be viewed in the landscape. However, those water channels are no longer used and are not continuously visible.


«Auals» is the Romanesque name for the historic irrigation canals and ditches in Val Müstair.

As part of the overall agricultural melioration, a network of modern irrigation systems was installed in Val Müstair and the Auals became increasingly less important. With the abandonment of use by the Auals, the old craft and knowledge also fell into oblivion. Today, the value and functions of the Auals are mainly of a cultural-historical nature. But also the biodiversity benefits from the still water-bearing Auals. Thanks to an initiative of the Swiss Landscape Protection Foundation, the municipality of Val Müstair and the Nature Park, selected Auals have been renovated for several years and the remains of former Auals in the area have been made visible again.


Aual Foppumvasch

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