Review live broadcast SRF bi de Lüt 25 January 2020

SRF bi de Lüt – Live

Swiss television produced the big Saturday evening entertainment show "SRF bi de Lüt - Live" in Samnaun village on Saturday, 25 January 2020.

The big winter festival live from Samnaun

For one Saturday evening Samnaun could be seen in the living rooms all over Switzerland: On January 25, 2020, the live broadcast "SRF bi de Lüt - Live" featured ski world champion Martin Hangl, the power family Galmarini and actress Tonia Maria Zindel. The two Swiss bands "77 Bombay Street" and "Megawatt" provided musical entertainment.

As a further highlight the Samnauner had to prove themselves in the local task: In former times the unmarried women from Samnaun threw their shoes backwards over their shoulders on Epiphany to find the future husband. Exactly this was the local task: The Samnauner had to throw shoes over their shoulder and hit baskets which were rewarded with different scores between 1 and 50 points. Unfortunately the Samnauner did not manage to reach 111 points within 3 minutes. Therefore, the mayor of the municipality Walter Zegg and the municipal council have to comply with the following punishment The double-decker train is almost like an airplane, simply without board service. The Samnaun politicians have to dress in a steward's uniform on one day in the winter season and hand out drinks and food to the Samnaun guests in the double-decker train, just like in an airplane. Mayor Walter Zegg will act as Maître de Cabin and lead his stewards from the municipal council.

We would like to thank the entire team of the SRF and the approximately 1000 viewers on location for the great show. Also a big thank you to all those involved in the background for their active support.

Did you miss the show? - No worries. Here you can view the entire programme.

Themes and guests during the live broadcast

"SRF bi de Lüt - Live" was visiting Samnaun GR. Nik Hartmann and AnninaCampell welcomed prominent guests and exciting personalities from all over the Lower Engadine, including Olympic snowboarding champion Nevin Galmarini, actress Tonja Maria Zindel, skiing legend Marin Hangl and 77 BombayStreet.


Ski World Champion Martin Hangl

In 1989 the Samnauner Martin Hangl became world champion in the Super-G. The hotelier and shop owner is one of the most influential Samnauner. But he is not the only one in his family who has fallen victim to the snow virus.


The silent winter wonderland

While the ski resorts in the Engadine are bustling in winter, the Swiss National Park is a place of deep tranquillity. The park is literally in hibernation and closed to visitors. Except for Nik Hartmann, who goes on a winter journey of discovery with a park ranger.


On the trail of the "Schellenursli"

The book "Schellenursli" is, next to "Heidi", probably one of the most famous children's books in Switzerland. It has been translated into numerous languages and filmed several times. But there is much more behind the figure of "Schellenursli" than one would suspect at first glance. A search for traces with Tonja Maria Zindel.


This is what it sounds like in Samnaun

The Samnaunerinnen and Samnauner are the smallest linguistic minority in Switzerland. The valley was not accessible from the Engadin for so long that a very peculiar dialect has established itself there. This is strongly influenced by the Tyrolean and is hardly understandable for foreigners. High time for a small language course.


The true history of the ghost hotel

Deep in Val Sinestra stands one of the most famous ghost houses in Switzerland - the Hotel Val Sinestra. This house is not only popular with snowboarders, but also with ghost hunters. Because behind the old walls an uncanny apparition is said to be at work: a ghost called Hermann.


The Power Family Galmarini

She is the new presenter of "Schweiz aktuell", the Olympic snowboarding champion, : These are the siblings Oceana and Nevin Galmarini from Ardez. The two of them had an exceptional childhood because they grew up with a deaf mother. The story of a strong family.


Swiss music with Megawatt and 77 Bombay Street

They will rock Switzerland in 2020. The guys from Megawatt come from the Grisons, the Rhine Valley and the Principality of Liechtenstein - and have dedicated themselves to the pop dialect skirt. In the big winter show from Samnaun they celebrate their TV premiere. And 77 Bombay Street is back on stage after a well-deserved break.

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