Alps and huts around Samnaun

Alp Bella
In the west of Samnaun stands a curiosity: The Heidelberg Hut in the Fimba Valley is owned by the German Alpine Club, Heidelberg Section, stands as the only DAV hut on Swiss soil and is managed by the Austrian Alois Eiter and his team.
Heidelberger Hütte

The Heidelberg Hut

The Heidelberger Hütte can be reached from Samnaun village in a four-hour hike over the Zeblasjoch and the Fuorcla Val Gronda. In doing so, one crosses the Swiss/Austrian border several times.

Refreshment stops around Samnaun

Around Samnaun there are various alps, which invite you to stay.

Die Alp Bella bei Samnaun.

Alp Bella

From Alp Bella a milk pipeline leads directly to the alpine dairy in Samnaun-Laret, where the milk is processed.

Fliesser Alpe

Fliesser Alpe

Via the Culture trail in the direction of Zanderstal you reach the Fliesser Alpe in about 2 hours, which invites you to linger. 

Kobler Alpe

Kobler Alpe

High above the Inn Valley lies the Kobler Alpe. From Samnaun you can reach the alp by bike via Gstalden with a great view of the Inn Valley and the Reschen Pass. 

This is part of good preparation

Packing list

The equipment is the be-all and end-all and can be decisive for how the tour goes

First aid

  • Blister plaster, tape, emergency first aid kit
  • ev. lighter
  • ev. pocket knife


  • Spare T-shirt
  • headgear
  • jacket
  • rain jacket and pants

Material / Miscellaneous

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking backpack (size: 20 liters or as needed)
  • Cash
  • Maps or Outdooractive app on smartphone
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Drinking bottle or drinking system (at least 1.5 liters)
  • Food (fruit, chocolate)
  • possibly binoculars
  • rain cover for the backpack
  • possibly hiking sticks